C.S.E.N. - Centro Sportivo
Educativo Nazionale - IT

The C.S.E.N. - Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (=National Educational Sport Centre), is a Body for Sports Promotion recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI and by the Italian Paralympic Committee C.I.P.; it is also a Welfare Body recognized by the Italian Ministry for Internal Affairs; CSEN is recognized as a National Body for Social Promotion and is registered in the Provisional Register for National Civil Service. CSEN has an International Convention with TAFISA and ICSSPE.

CSEN aims to promote and disseminate sporting activities with a high social value; to contribute to developing sports, thus reaching the objective of “sports for everybody and belonging to everybody” (in line with the “Sport for All” movement); to establish favourable conditions for a wider development of physical education, sports and health; to cooperate with the C.O.N.I., Sporting Federations, schools, Regions and Local Authorities, with social and political groups as well as with autonomous organizations from other countries; to promote the growth of Sporting Clubs; to operate not-for–profit across Italy.

The above-mentioned aims are pursued through a variety of structured activities:

  • Centres for the promotion of sport;
  • Promotion and organization of amateur and competitive competitions for all age groups;
  • Organization of championships and tournaments for all male and female categories;
  • Training and refreshercourses for managers, technicians/experts, sport operators and instructors;
  • Research, study and experimental activities;
  • Cultural, recreational and leisure time activities;
  • Regular publishing of the Boy’Sport magazine, the official quarterly of the CSEN on cultural, political, social and educational issues relating to sport and physical education;
  • Publishing of booklets and publications regarding physical and sport education, legislative, civil and fiscal norms in the field;
  • Publishing of an online newsletter with information and updates for member associations;
  • Help services for Sport and Social Promotion Associations for legal, fiscal and insurance issues provided through tariff agreements.

The CSEN figures:

  • 1.650.000 members comprising managers, technicians, athletes, amateurs;
  • 19.840 Amateur Sports Associations;
  • 2.000 Associations for social promotion and leisure time;
  • 1.300.000 members who participate in sport activities;
  • 500.000 members who participate in active leisure time activities;
  • 20 Regional Committees  106 Provincial Committees

In Italy the CSEN offers over 274 sport disciplines and it is in the top position for Fitness, Dance, Sports with Dogs and Martial Arts, including martial arts for disabled people. Also well represented are Athletics, Football (especially with 5 to 9 players), Swimming Sports, Volleyball, Basketball and many others disciplines.

CSEN activities also include the training of sport managers with conferences and seminars regarding topical issues, such as: tax regulations, national and local legislative norms, planning and organizational development. Important issues like activity for a healthy life-style, the environment, sport, cultural and social developments have been dealt with. For the CSEN such training activities are an important step in the general development of its middle managers.

The CSEN also offers technical refresher courses and continuing education for those members who want to enrich their knowledge and become able to better contribute to the growth of CSEN.


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