Furim Institut

FURIM INSTITUTT had been founded in 2013. The main aim of the organization is to deal with issues within health and sport fields and handle the relevant problems that arise in Norwegian society as well as promote sustainable and inclusive development. In addition, FURIM INSTITUTT aims to produce evidence-based knowledge on healt sciences, sports management, sport entrepreneurship, sport education including VET in sport.

FURIM INSTITUTT also aims to develop approaches in order to solve existing problems and needs through the transformation of these knowledge into technical knowledge and to use these approaches as solution tools through project based works.

Our objectives are:

  • To develop partnership through concrete projects and promotion of its results within all relevant social groups in Norway;
  • To contribute to the development of innovative products, services and processes that will provide support to social and economic development by using sports as a tool;
  • Work with responsible groups and official bodies in order to emphasize the problem that are presented in the society;
  • To promote the fact that sport is health developing and naturally social arena;
  • To produce and publicate articles regarding sport issues;
  • Spotlight of importance of inclusive and diverse sport engagement of the different social groups;
  • Active involvement of minorities and people with social, economic and physical obstacles in the social life.

FURIM INSTITUTT has carried out a dozens of activities and projects in the past few years. FURIM INSTITUTT had established very good relations with many sport organizations in Norway. Since 2013, FURIM INSTITUTT directly and indirectly involved over 300 people in variety of projects both in Oslo, and in other parts of Norway.

In May 2017, FURIM INSTITUTT established an international group called "Sports Innovation Working Group" under the leadership of our Association. Members of this Working Group consist of educators, researchers, project developers and sports volunteers at various levels, including Norway, Poland, France and the United States. The working group conducts online and face-to-face meetings regularly. The aim of the working group is to define the needs of individuals and communities and to contribute to the development of innovative products, services and processes through projectbased work by using the sport field as a tool.

Within the scope of Erasmus+ Youth Program, FURIM INSTITUTT made an application named “Supporting Youth Work by Using the Sport Field as a Tool and Method” which is aims to promote young people who actively in sport easily transition to the business life on 15th February 2018.

FURIM INSTITUTT also made an application named “Capacity Building for Strengthening TechnologyFocused Entrepreneurship in the field of Youth” within the scope of Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Youth on 8th March 2018. FURIM INSTITUTT also made an application named “Improving Social Innovation Competencies of Sports Professionals through Increasing Quality of VET” within the scope of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training on 21st March 2018.


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