P.R.I.C.E is a project about enhancing coach-parent relationships in Youth Sports and how can football coaches/managers of clubs around Europe can develop support strategies for parents.

The main problem identified by the members of our collaborative partnership is the poor relationship of clubs and coaches with parents. Our project’s aim is to promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development of coaches in their relationship with parents.

Association School of Coaches “Ioan Kunst Ghermănescu” (IKG)

The Association School of Coaches “Ioan Kunst Ghermănescu” is an educational institution that aims to provide professional training services in partnership with the oldest and largest sports university in Romania, the meeting place of many outstanding personalities of the national and international culture, namely with the National University of Physical Education and Sport, Bucharest.

This university is a founding member of the association that set up the coach training school. The educational partnership with the National University of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest, A-level institution, with a high degree of trust provided by ARACIS in 2017, ensures the premises of an educational process that satisfies the quality standards. Our shcool aims to develop initial and specialization training programs for human resources in the field of sport, programs that comply with the national legislation in force.

ACS Prosport Football Academy Bucharest

ACS Prosport Football Academy Bucharest is a football club founded in 2016 that has a goal of activity training, development and improvement of children and juniors, covering the age ranges from 5 to 19 years old. The 22 of the Academy's groups, registered in the competitions organized by the Romanian Football Federation and the Municipal Football Association, participates successfully in all these, achieving remarkable results. Among the performed performances we mention:

  • 1 National Title;
  • 6 Municipal Titles;
  • 113 medals and cups at various national and international tournaments

Swansea University UK

Swansea University is a research-led institution, which thrives on exploration and discovery. Within Swansea University, the Applied Sport, Techology, Exercise, and Medicine Research Centre (A-STEM) is responsible for conducting cutting-edge research on critical topics pertaining to sport, exercise, and health. A-STEM were recently ranked 5th based on research impact (i.e., the extent to which the research conducted has international impact in the field of sport and exercise) in the UK 2014 Research Evaluation Framework.

The philosophy underpinning A-STEM is to conduct the highest quality applied research to further academic understanding of sport and exercise and produce accessible and useful findings for organisations and research users.


FURIM INSTITUTT had been founded in 2013. The main aim of the organization is to deal with issues within health and sport fields and handle the relevant problems that arise in Norwegian society as well as promote sustainable and inclusive development. In addition, FURIM INSTITUTT aims to produce evidence-based knowledge on healt sciences, sports management, sport entrepreneurship, sport education including VET in sport.

FURIM INSTITUTT also aims to develop approaches in order to solve existing problems and needs through the transformation of these knowledge into technical knowledge and to use these approaches as solution tools through project based works.

C.S.E.N. - Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale - IT

The C.S.E.N. - Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (=National Educational Sport Centre), is a Body for Sports Promotion recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI and by the Italian Paralympic Committee C.I.P.; it is also a Welfare Body recognized by the Italian Ministry for Internal Affairs; CSEN is recognized as a National Body for Social Promotion and is registered in the Provisional Register for National Civil Service. CSEN has an International Convention with TAFISA and ICSSPE.


140 Constantin Noica
Bucharest, 060057